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For many years now, our company has strived to attain the highest standards for quality garage door repair services. We take pride in being able to provide all our customers with the best contractors and door specialists. Moreover, we are happy to say that we offer some of the most reasonable rates in the market. Apart from quality repairs, we also offer some of the best installation services. All our technicians are well-versed at installing new door parts, as well as dismantling old worn out ones and replacing them. Should you need some help with your doors, make sure to contact us to discuss your options.

Our company technicians share all garage door maintenance knowledge to clients

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Taking the time to show us how to operate our garage doors

Since we are an older couple and we’ve never had to have a garage door installed, we needed to hire a professional service who is patient enough to explain all of the features of our new garage door. Not only did Garage Door Repair Prior Lake explain the features, they also made it a point to show us the safety features. We are glad they, did as we never considered just how dangerous our garage door can be if we are negligent. They proved to be the best service by far as they went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable with our new garage door.

Getting the facts about garage door openers

We knew it was about time to have our garage door opener replaced. That was when we turned to Garage Door Repair Prior Lake. We never used their services before but they came recommended. They offered us a complimentary consultation to discuss our garage door options. Not only did they explain our options, they also spent the time necessary to make sure we understood the features of each type. They wanted us to make a decision based on our specific needs and offered us personalized attention. They gave us more than we hoped for.

Fixing a Belt Drive Opener

When my Liftmaster opener wasn't able to masterfully lift my garage door, I called this company up to have them take a look. I don't know anything about electronic and mechanical devices, thankfully the guy they sent knew everything about the garage door opener. When he opened up the device to look at its inner working he immediately knew which parts to replace. He was done quickly and the entire service was so professional. I now have full control over the door again thanks to this company. I would definitely recommend them to those who are experiencing the same problem.

- Allen Simmons

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