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Garage Door Springs

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Garage Door Springs Springs are the most important parts of garage doors. They are separated in two different types and in terms of how they operate and are installed. The most common residential garage door springs are the extension ones. These ones come in pairs and are placed one in each side of the door. As the door shuts down, their coils are stretched saving an enormous tension at maximum for the moment the door will open. At this point, their tension is released and this enables the door's opening.

Many doors have torsion springs instead of extension garage door springs. There is usually one torsion spring for each door but depending on its weight, it might take a second or third one, too. Instead of stretching, torsion springs torque. They turn and transfer their motion to the cable drum, which pulls the cable up and the door opens.

We replace broken springs perfectly

We specialize in overhead door springs. We specialize in all repair services associated with either extension or torsion springs. Garage Door Repair Prior Lake is perfectly equipped since spring repairs demand proper tools and every technician is properly prepared in order to help customers as fast as possible. When it comes to broken spring replacement, we are extremely fast. At the same time, we make sure the right new spring is chosen for installation since springs are selected to match the requirements of the overhead door.

You can depend on the garage door repair services of our company. Everyone at Garage Door Repair Prior Lake is very responsible and well-trained. We don't take chances when springs are involved and you shouldn't either. If you have a problem with your Clopay torsion spring, trust our team. We respond immediately, are efficient spring experts and emergency professionals. We adjust springs and never fail to check the balance of the door. Our work is always perfect and complete. We care for your safety and make sure our technicians arrive fast for extension springs repair.

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