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Thank you for visiting our FAQ page. This page contains the basic things you need to know about garage doors, as well as garage door openers. Click on any of the questions on the list to find the answers.

  • Why is my garage door opening by itself?

    This is a rare problem and typically occurs when there is a short in the remote control. The remote keeps emitting signal after you have pushed the button to close the door. As a result, the door opens immediately after closing. Replacing the faulty transmitter should help to resolve the problem. The sooner you do this the better.

  • I hear direct current operated openers are better. Is this true?

    Our technicians say that direct current garage door openers are more energy efficient as they only run when the garage door is opened and closed. This type of opener is also a lot smoother than chain, screw or belt driven openers.

  • What is R-value?

    Insulation is one factor to seriously consider before commencing garage door installation. R-value is the measurement of the efficiency of the garage door to insulate. If you are likely to spend so much time in your garage, then you need to choose a door with high R-value.

  • Can I have my old opener installed with my new garage door?

    You would be glad to know that any garage door opener can be setup with your new door. Nevertheless, you need to coordinate with your garage door service provider to see if the said opener is in accordance with government safety standards as required by law.

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