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Garage Door Openers

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Garage Door Openers Door operators are the electric power behind each garage door. They have a motor with horsepower sufficient for the weight of the door and are activated through a clicker, wall switch, keypad, and lately via internet as well. Although garage door openers must have enough power to move the door, they are not responsible for the actual lifting and lowering of the door. They contribute to the door's movement by initiating automatic operation while doors are lifted thanks to springs. In fact if springs are damaged, openers are placed under a lot of strain in order to move the door. The automatic movement of the door can be stopped in times of emergency by pulling the opener's release cord. All new generation openers must have this rope and a reverse system, which is activated when the safety sensors see someone or an object under the closing door.

Let us repair your Genie opener problems today

Garage Door Repair Prior Lake verifies customers get the right openers. We order new door operator from master manufacturers so they are compliant with all official safety standards and follow these regulations ourselves during opener installation. The main reason for having an electric Liftmaster door opener installed is to enjoy automatic door performance and the great potentials new age operators offer. Rely on our professional to be of great assistance for ordering not only the best Genie opener for your needs but to be there for garage door repairs and emergency situations.

As a result of specializing in garage door opener repair, we move fast when you are in need of emergency service. When the door doesn't close or open all the way, trust proficient technicians to align the sensors and keep entire opener system perfectly maintained. We proudly retain great technicians for all repairs related to operators and they all excel in garage door opener replacement. Our honesty, professionalism, and efficiency are qualities you need and expect!

Don't be reluctant to give us a call if you have any concerns related to your opener.

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